Amy Goodrich - Multi-disciplinary artist 

Biography: I began my own artistic journey playing the flute in orchestras and brass bands until my late teen, then shifted my attention to more visual artistic expression, studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London. Graduating with a Fine Art degree in Sculpture, I began exhibiting my abstract work, together with creating collectable soft sculpture animals. Wishing to fulfill my dream of seeing these creations come alive, I now am a Post graduate in Character Animation -  bringing my love of music back into my creative life, by sound tracking and lipsynching for all my characters. As well as continuing with my Fine Art & Collectables work, I am now working on my own film and book ideas too. 

Artist statement:
As a creative - I am drawn to express my visual ideas by a variety of materials that I lean towards, depending on the subject matter at hand. I bounce around between figurative work to more abstract forms - in both sculptures and paintings. In my second and third years of my degree, my sculptures were exhibited throughout the Uk - in galleries including The Barbican and Riverside Studios. London.
After graduation, I continued to practice as a full-time artist - which led me to also explore the enchanting world of collectibles. My love of old toys sparked my imagination towards building my own range of soft sculpted collectable bears and animals. During my teens, I had always been drawn to both textiles and antiques. I then became self-taught in sewing  - to the point where I could hand-make bears and their outfits, that subsequently became synonymous with the mission statement of my ‘Portobello Bear Co.’ range: One of a kind characters- most oftentimes dressed in traditional Edwardian-styled costumes. By the late 90’s, I was selling my collectibles globally, attending exhibitions and signings internationally -  with extensive stockists throughout the world including Europe, USA, Japan and Australia, 
In the first decade, I expanded the range to incorporate more animals and more unusual fabrics - together with adding in more sculptural features such as realistic snouts made from composition.
By 2010, I began exploring the ideas of bringing my soft sculptures to life through animation, so returned  to Saint Martin’s, London to study as a postgraduate in Character Animation (with experimental film-making) At this point, I continued making my collectible animals - however changed my label to use my own name;  ‘Amy Goodrich Collectables’.
During this time, I also developed my own range of dolls and ‘Gooba-la’ characters, that would later become part of my inspiration behind my ‘BbBb’s Cosmic Creativity Show’ - which is a puppet-based children’s educational show that I am currently still working on. BbBb is also a vegan chef - and he showcases my range of vegan blends “PruFections’ - which I have been developing alongside these other creative ventures for this past decade. (Together which I am now also fully licensed as a caterer - which seemed pertinent to being able to sell these culinary creations to the public!!) 
*** “insane multi-tasking”, I hear you say - who me ?! I only know multi-tasking - hahaha! ***
So as I juggle 5 businesses/projects all simultaneously, without trying to drop the ball on more than one of them at any one time - please feel free to delve further into all of these differing pathways……
If you wish to go down the labyrinth that is my main website ( I regard this site more of a ‘store’) I give you advance warning: it  branches off into all the different avenues of creative exploration that my meandering mind travels down and through on a daily basis - akin to a visit to IKEA - you may not come out alive, and if you do, you will surely own a garden set you didn’t need, a stuffed animal that wouldn’t stop staring at you -  plus some Swedish meatballs, a slice of pizza and definitely a frozen yoghurt or two.

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